5 Legit Ways to Earn Cash or Gift Cards Online

Easy Ways to Make Money Online

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Whether your holiday budget or savings account needs a boost or you’re just looking to enjoy a few more lattes every month these ideas can be a simple solution. There are other ways to earn online – the ones listed here have been tested by me personally. I have used them regularly for a period of time with good results.

  • Become a Test Shopper | Sign up with BestMark to score test shopping opportunities which pay cash and may come with extra perks like FREE meals at restaurants or automobile services. There are opportunities for test shopping along the whole Colorado Front Range, Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Nebraska, and more!
  • Fetch Rewards | This is the easiest app to use and you can earn FREE gift cards pretty quickly. Download the app and sign up (use promo code P2XRD for a bonus!). Whenever you go shopping scan your receipt to receive points. It is easy to redeem points for rewards – I usually receive my gift cards instantly – no waiting! I also like this app because they seem to offer point bonuses regularly which are fairly easy to redeem and I don’t have to search through the app for specific products.
  • Ibotta | Ibotta is widely considered the best app to use nationwide (made in Colorado!) for cash back on grocery purchases, online shopping, and even restaurant visits. You get a FREE $10 bonus when you upload your first receipt and use promo code fitdcxk. Some shoppers upload their receipts regularly for a year and cash out around the holidays to boost their budget. It really adds up! There are other cashback apps available (Checkout51 or BerryCart, for example) but these are among the easiest to use.
  • Swagbucks | I used to be a regular Swagbucks user and earned between $50 and $100 per month cash in the various ways they offer. Now, I am a very occasional user (I have downloaded their search tool to one of my browsers, for example, and earn points by doing nothing) and can still redeem my points for a FREE gift card every couple of months. Swagbucks is cool because you can also redeem points to PayPal. So, if you’re a little short on grocery money or are looking for that budget boost this could be your ticket. One way I have used Swagbucks to my advantage is by booking travel through their links – I have received about 7% cash back which can really make a difference. I wrote a longer review of Swagbucks which you can read here.
  • Start a Blog | Chances are you know more than some people about something. Maybe you have a hobby, a lifelong passion or interest, or a professional speciality. Your thoughts, wisdom, insight are valuable! In my experience, you won’t get rich with a blog – most people make coffee money – though a few may be able to make a living at it. This isn’t a quick way to earn – meaning you will have to invest time, effort, and yourself into the project – but, chances are, if you start a blog and are willing to build a readership, you can earn through affiliate marketing directly to those who are interested in your topic. You’ll need an idea, web-hosting with WordPress (we use Siteground) and a domain name to start – that’s it.